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Ecole primaire Notre Dame de France, Marseille


Located in the city center of Marseille, between the Old Port and Notre-Dame de La Garde, in an urban area but in which green spaces are valued (vegetable garden and shared composters, tree-lined public park, etc.) An eco-citizen association was created (Eco Citoyens Vauban), with which the school will form a partnership.

The establishment (school-college-high school) is labeled E3D, and the school has been labeled eco-school since 2013. There is a vegetable garden developed by students from kindergarten to CM2 under the leadership of a biodiversity manager and new actions are implemented each year: insect hotels, car-free days, Biodiversity Preservation Zone, etc. while continuing those of previous years: awareness of organic food and short supply chains in partnership with the catering company Scola'Rest, waste sorting and selective sorting of batteries, plastic or cork stoppers, pens, ink cartridges, bulbs,…; sustainable management of resources (do not waste water, electricity, paper)

The school has 14 classes, including 4 nursery classes and 10 elementary classes. It counted 407 pupils in 2020; this number varies very significantly from year to year.

Reception of René Heuzey in June 2019

We had the honor of welcoming Mr Heuzey to our school in June 2019 to raise awareness of CM1 and CM2 students on marine pollution. They had the chance to attend a presentation of these works (photographs and videos "from the 4 corners of the oceans") to be made aware of the extent of the impact of marine pollution on biodiversity and animal and plant life in general.

The students then transmitted drawings representing their representation of the ocean in two parts: before and after this awareness session.

Our proposal to the school network

We would like to continue and develop this partnership, possibly with other neighborhood or other partners, for concrete actions on the ground (cleaning of beaches, observation of the biodiversity of the land and the sea, ...) and a broadening of thinking on how we can develop biodiversity and the sustainable management of our environment.

With lots of proposals, the students, in particular the eco-delegate students, are always included in our sustainable development approach. Why not imagine a "training" to allow them to develop their thinking and their ability to argue in their speech to citizens.

Especially since our establishment has been selected to participate in the Youth Conference for Biodiversity initially planned for June 2020 and which will finally be held in January 2021. After a tempo of simulation negotiations, young people will be invited to draw up the Agreements for Provence for Biodiversity, presented at COP 15 Biodiversity to be held in China (initially scheduled for fall 2020).

A partnership with Ocean of Life would then seem very relevant and more than enriching.

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